“Away in a Manger”
“Ma-making Christmas bright”
“O Christmas Tree”-my 14′ frasier fir

31January,2011…Well, as old Bob Cratchit said in “A Christmas Carol”, “I am a little past my time”…After returning home from our Remembrence Weekend in Gettysburg in late November, I also returned to work…and when you work for PennDOT, winter can be a busy time…so, between work and Christmas activities[shopping,caroling,decorating], there hasn’t been much

"Chloe-look Pap pap,I can drive"

free time for writing…that said, I will keep the dialog simple,and add a selection of images to tell the story…

Christmas,2010…with each passing year I come to understand and appreciate the real meaning and spirit of Christmas more and more…Our Saviour was born, “lying in a manger”…with that in mind, what a blessing it was to celebrate Christmas with my family, loved ones and friends…we all kept watching out the window Christmas

"Merry Christmas Sue"

morning, knowing that the steady snowfall would mean I would get called to work-

"Cayden-Christmas is for children"

but the snow let up before noon, and the sun even came out for a little while…”Joy to the World”…we had a wonderful Christmas Day, and much family time the rest of the week…

"Dad-waiting for Santa"

Winter weather settled in again after the first of the year, and there hasn’t been a break since…I’m actually home today with an ailing back, which is allowing me this time to “catch up”…when you have to try to keep miles of roads clear[or at least passable], and then come home and clear your own driveway[which the neighbors help with at times], it is hard to see the beauty of the snow sometimes…but I did manage to capture a few images of winter’s

"Finch on a Frasier"

splendor, including the birds enjoying the sunflower seeds

"Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, take what comes with a smile"

outside my window…enjoy, and I hope to have more time to write again soon…God Bless Us, Everyone!