20 February,2011…

Well, it’s been a hard winter for me to get much accomplished outside of work…but for my retired artist friend, Larry Smail, it’s been a good winter for painting… don’t get me wrong-if you check out Larry’s blog[see Links and Organizations], you’ll see that Larry spends quite a bit of time  out in the elements enjoying nature…but after stopping in at Larry’s home studio last week to view the progress and discuss the details of the Civil War painting, it was very evident that Larry has spent countless hours on the painting…the scene depicting Col. Jacob Sweitzer’s 2nd Brigade of infantry[including the 62nd PA] being surrounded in Rose’s Wheatfield late in the day on 2 July,1863, is living up to expectations…although there are still many layers of detail to be added, the painting already shows the determination in the faces of those brave men despite the dire circumstances…being descendant of those veteran soldiers, Larry and I both feel that this was a moment in their lives, and in the Battle of Gettysburg, that is worthy of being preserved and presented in this painting…I will keep you posted as the painting progresses, as I’m sure Larry will…you can also check Larry’s site to view his wide array of paintings, including his latest wildlife series…keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as we do our best to remember and represent our ancestors’ contributions toward preserving our Union.

"The artist at work""The painting-you can almost hear the noise of battle"

"The painting-you can almost hear the noise of battle"