I hope that you all had a Blessed Christmas, and that the New Year has been a happy one so far…Christmas was filled with countless blessings in our family, all wrapped around the true meaning of the day and the real Spirit of the holiday…“Go, Tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere, Go, tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born!”…

On the 16th of December,  Mum, Sue and I, attended a beautiful Christmas cantata at the Harvest Baptist Church[just off the Millerstown exit on Rt.28]…we were invited by my good friends Brian and Cheryl Morris, and were very moved and impressed by the program…

"Christmas 'jammies for Chloe"

“Christmas ‘jammies for Chloe”

Christmas Eve, we attended candlelight service at the Harvest Community Church, also a beautiful celebration–“O Great Light of the World, fill up my heart”…it was priceless to watch the look in Chloe and Caydens’ eyes, as they held their candles and looked around at the glow in he church…we then headed to Sue’s for her

..."and Cayden too!"

"A family keepsake"
“A family keepsake”

traditional gift to the kids–Christmas pajamas!…Sue also had a Christmas eve “visitor”–a wooden toy soldier that her Dad had made years ago…we had brought the family keepsake back from Florida with us in October[in three pieces!–to fit in my suitcase]…I re-assembled him and touched him up, and “posted” him outside her front door as a surprise…

"Beth's a happy camper!"

“Beth’s a happy camper!”

Christmas Day was a beautiful day, starting at Ali and Jared’s, with Chloe and Cayden



seeing that Santa had made a serious delivery there!…“Christmas, is for Children”…

"Ali and Cayden"

“Ali and Cayden”

Then we headed for Ma and Pa’s[Bob-Bob and Flo, as the kids say], for a wonderful ham dinner, and, you guessed it, more presents!…I have to admit, I was the one who was surprised this time, with my parents getting me a flat-screen TV for a Christmas/retirement gift…WOW!…let me tell you, a Sharp Aquos has a great picture!…


Christmas 2012[ma & pa]

After the wrapping paper was cleaned up, and we were full of ham[and cookies], it was time to head home for a nap!…I got a nice, crackling fire going, and the gang arrived at my house around 7 in the evening…somehow, Santa had managed to get a sleigh- full around the fire and under the tree[a beautiful 8 foot Concolor fir]…the wrapping paper “flew” there for awhile too!…another beautiful Christmas Day, filled with many memories, was done…but, the Spirit, and the memories, would continue in the coming days, with more visits, more fellowship, and yes, another present or two…Dave and MaryLynn would come over for an evening…Nicole[my little brat!] would visit…and of course, we made our annual “rounds”, visiting with family…

Christmas 2012-[my tree]

And, for anyone that knows me, also knows that it STILL looks like Christmas in my house…I love the tree, the lights, and the candles each evening, and[if you read the previous post], having retired on December 29th, I have more evenings to sit by the fire and enjoy it all…in fact, when we went to pick out our trees this year, I asked Bowser’s [Owen and Tim] if they could get me a “dug” concolor…Tim picked a beautiful little tree, and several weeks before Christmas I planted it by the bird-feeder…I call it my “retirement tree”…Lord willing, I will be able to decorate it each year and say “I planted that tree the year that I retired from PennDOT!”…

"Cayden's Thomas the Train!"

“Cayden’s Thomas the Train!”

"Nurse Chloe's new stethascope"...

“Nurse Chloe’s new stethascope”…


"Retirement Tree under a full moon!"

“Retirement Tree under a full moon!”

Well, it’s time to put another arm-load of wood on the fire…


**All photos by the author, except “Pap-Pap’s gifts”, by Maw-maw**




"Pap-pap's gifts"

“Pap-pap’s gifts”



..."the best gift of all!"

…”the best gift of all!”