“Yours truly, portraying Daniel Warren Swigart, Co.D,62nd PA”

For the past decade I have devoted much of my time to being a “living historian”-portraying to the best of my knowledge a soldier in the American Civil War.Thanks to an invitation by several family members to go along on a day trip to Gettysburg years ago,along with viewing Ken Burns’ PBS documentary”The Civil War”,I discovered a new direction to point my camera lens.Around the same time,I found out that some friends of mine were involved in a Civil War living history unit[Co.D,62ndPVI]. After several trips to Gettysburg with them,and thanks to my Uncle Joe’s family research,I found out that I had an ancestor who served in the 62nd Regiment. The rest,as they say,is HISTORY! From that point on, I have been trying to follow the footsteps of over a half-dozen family members who served as volunteers in the Union Army. It has led me to some of the most famous places in our nation-from the Wheatfield at Gettysburg to the National Cemetery in Andersonville,Georgia,where my great,great,great grandfather is buried. Along the way,I not only became a member of Company D,62ndPVI,but also joined the local camp of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War[SUVCW]. I was elected Camp Commander of the John T. Crawford Camp#43 several years ago,and am honored to

“My great,great,great Grandfather Henry Wyant,Co.G,103rd PA,buried at Andersonville,GA

still hold that office.                                                                    My love for photography[and art in general] goes back much farther in my life. I can remember sitting at my grandparents’ kitchen table watching my Dad sketching in a tablet for me. I began drawing at an early age. With my Dad’s talent for drawing,my Mother’s attention to decorating and detail,and the direction of “Satch” Taylor in school,my artistic interests grew

“George Washington Lambing,Co.I,78th PA,gr.gr.gr Grandfather”

to oil painting,watercolors,silk-screening,pen and ink drawing and eventually photography.                                                                                        Mixed in with all of that has been my love of music, again following the family history-of drummers. I still play from time to time,but spend a lot more time just listening.         Blessed with the love and faith of my Christian parents,[four wonderful Grandparents,all now”Home”],surrounded by a large family, I am fortunate enough to be able to combine many of my interests-history,photography,music and nature in my day-to day living. I am equally blessed to be dating someone[Susan Carson] who shares not only her love of history,but her children and grandchildren with me. In addition,I have a young lady who is like a daughter to me, and a great group of friends and co-workers. So,like George Bailey in “It’s A Wonderful Life”, I could be “the richest man in town”.

“Sue and I at the Lightner Farmhouse”

photo credits: “Yours truly”-Susan Carson; Henry Wyant and G.W.Lambing-family photos, by Joe Bowser; “Sue and I”-Karen Nupp