I have always been fascinated with black and white photography, and in particular, with Ansel Adams… a few years ago, while in Gettysburg, I saw some images that combined two of my favorite things–the civil war, and black and white photography…the images were   taken on infrared film, and the effect was very “mysterious” looking…I thought “I have to try this”…I purchased several rolls of Kodak HIE Infrared film, a special filter, and opted for the “trial and error” method of learning about infrared photography…the Kodak film produced some great photos, and just as I was getting the feel of how to use it, they discontinued it…so, I have tried several other brands of film with some success, but haven’t found one that I’ve been able to get the same results as Kodak with…

Still, I would like to share some of the results…I hope you like them….prints are available for purchase, and can be ordered through the “leave a comment” section below, via e-mail at slimbob@windstream.net, or by calling 724-545-1330…

img136 img142 img131 img132 img133 img134 img135 img126 img127 img128 img129 img123 img122 img121

“Leister House”: Gettysburg

“Cemetery Ridge Line”:Gettysburg

“The Seminary”:Gettysburg,PA