As promised, I will be making my images available for purchase through this site, and I hope that you will enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them…I take both digital and film camera bodies with me most everywhere I go, and both types of images are  represented in the galleries…Photos will feature several larger categories[Civil War; Scenics/Landscapes; Portraits; Infrared/Black & White]…these categories will be divided into more specific groups, hopefully making it easier to locate what you’re looking for…Photos are available in various sizes, papers, mounting and framing options…I can print quality photos up to 8-1/2″x11″; larger images I send out to Cooper Photo for processing and mounting…In rare cases, I make my own frames, but usually would refer you to several framing specialists…

Copyright laws apply to all photos presented on this site.

Thank You for your interest in R.J.”Slim” Bowser Photography.

photo of photographer by: Susan Carson

"A tribute to Ansel Adams: A master of capturing The Master's work"